Overall Note
1.Every uploaded pictures will be converted to webp format.

[Login & Sign up]
1. an automatic email which contains 6digits numbers will be sent. -> input the 6 numbers -> done login and go to top page if already a member, or go to Signup Page if not a member yet.

[Top page]
1. the day filter would be max 12 days future.
2. dating plans within 20km will be shown. with offers first, then without offers.
3. 30 items each page

1. (select date and time section) the time that an user has confirmed dating will not be even displayed, but the time that an user has an offer will be shown with warning.
2. (reviews section) most top 10 reviews will be displayed.
3. (question section) each dating plan can have max 30 questions. and can be answered max 10 questions.
4. (question section) only answered questions will be visible to other users. the user name, the time will be displayed only to the host.
5. (question section) user cannot ask a question again on the same dating plan while it is not answered yet.
6. (block) if blocked, the user will no longer see your profile page, your dating plans. and you will not see them in search result.

[Dating plans]
1. Users can make max 50 dating plans.
2. While the dating plan is on offer or having confirmed customer, it cannot be edited nor deleted nor changed to be a draft.

[Edit (Create) Dating plan]
1. In the location section, there will be 2 pins. 1 is for the "Location", 2 is for the "Meet-up point". as for the "meet-up point", it will not be published. it will be displayed only in message page with automatic system first message.
2. Once it has been created, "Location" is not editable.

1. The calender shows 4 days past, 12 days future. (which means users can review the datings until 4 days past, and can put dating offers max 12 days future.)

1. Message will be available from 72 hours before the day of the dating and will be unavailable after 48 hours of the dating. but the host can start messaging anytime.

1. Reviews button on schedule page will be available since the day of the dating.
2. Firstly, Users will choose satisfied or not satisfied. -> if satisfied, users can check max 3 items on reviews. if not satisfied, users can check not satisfied with the dating plan or the host.
3. Most 8 top reviews will be displayed on the dating plan page.
4. On the user page, star rating (Max score:5) will be displayed. this score is calculated according to the review of the dating plans.

1. Show notifications max 60 days past
2. When someone asked a question about your dating plan
3. When someone answered to your question
4. When someone bought your dating plan
5. When someone messaged you
6. When you bought someone's dating plan
7. When you offered a dating plan
8. When your dating cancelled
9. When

1. Report targets are "user", "dating plan", "confirmed dating", "question".

1. an automatic SMS which contains 5 digits numbers will be sent. -> input the 5 numbers -> done the phone verification and go to Document Verification
2. Document verification uses eKYC. (Undecided which eKYC service to use. Please let me know if you have an idea.)
3. Unverified users cannot -offer dating plans.
-buy dating plans.
-see other users' dating plan page.
-see other users' profile page.

[Advanced Verification]
1. Instead of calling "Upgrade" or "Payment", we should call "Advanced Verification" for not making users hesitate to pay.
2. monthly payment style. about 10USD per month.
3. Stripe API, credit card payment or Paypal
4. free users can have max 1 confirmed dating each month. paid users can have limitless confirmed dating each month. That is all the difference between Free and Paid users. No any other difference.
[Edit Profile]
1. users can upload max 10 pictures

[Your Location]
1. using Google Maps API, saves longitude, altitude. it will be used for the distance calculation for datings.

[Delete Account]
1. user has to check all before the final confirmation.
2. 300 days after the final confirmation, the data will be completely deleted. users can login back until then.